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With OM’s elite copy trading tools, it’s never been easier to trade like a pro.

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Choose an experienced trader from our community to follow their trades.
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Why copytrading?


Easily identify pro traders that align with your investment goals, and start copying their trades automatically.


Start making smarter trades, informed by cutting edge market insights and knowledge from industry pros.


Learn from experienced traders, observe their strategies and get started in the community.

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Unlimited opportunities

Dream big and copy a pro day trader with a history of big wins. Or make sustainable investments by joining a fund managed by an expert focused on longer term returns.

Whatever your approach, risk-adversity or budget, OM is here to help.

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Expertly managed funds

Long-term settlement options at OM allow you to pool money with other investors into a fund directly managed by a skilled trader of your choice.

The trader receives a percentage of the profits earned based on a high water mark at the end of the month, incentivizing patient investments that benefit everyone.

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Detailed analytics

OM’s powerful copytrading dashboard is the perfect tool to find, explore and evaluate the best traders in the industry.

Access key metrics and compare traders side-by-side to find your perfect match.

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Total transparency

No hidden fees, no tricky small print and no complicated liquidation windows. Instead,

OM is making copytrading as simple and transparent as possible, with easily accessible trader information, clear&concise rules, and a suite of tools designed to help you make informed, data driven decisions.

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